Bagua Map

The simplest is called the Aspirations Method.  The Aspirations Method is centered around the arrangements within your living and working spaces and uses a tool called a bagua map to overlay your home or office and its spaces with the five elements of nature (fire, wood, metal, water & earth) along with key life aspirations (fame, relationships, travel, career, knowledge, family, prosperity and children).  

This method can help you make simple changes to the arrangements, objects, colors and materials around you to influence the aspirations and help you achieve your goals.  

Form School

Ch'i is a universal energy.  It enters and leaves your home and office and continues on its journey, so the shape of the environment, such as mountains, rivers, and other building structures also influence ch'i.  The Form School method looks at these shapes and considers how they will affect people living or working in a structure.  Interior forms and the layout of the building are also analyzed similar to the Aspirations Method.

Feng Shui Flying Star

By far, the most comprehensive method of practicing is Xuan Kong Fei Xing or the Feng Shui Flying Star.  The Feng Shui Flying Star method considers a building’s orientation relative to the magnetic poles and long cycles of fortune and misfortune from when the structure was built.  

By considering both space and time, Feng Shui Flying Star is the most accurate method to optimize and maintain harmonious energy flow in your life.  It requires the seasoned knowledge of a consultant to ensure lasting success.  This is the method that I use in my feng shui consultations.  It provides more dramatic, far reaching and sometimes almost immediate changes.

Ready to channel the positive energy in your home?