Health Coaching

I offer two types of coaching, but you will be coached based on your needs and desires. If you are someone who wants to be able to take action and be held accountable, then I can coach you on the accountability coaching. The other technique is the evidence-based method. This type of coaching is based on 80% of awareness and 20% of action. Which coaching technique best fits your lifestyle?

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultations (On-Site)

An on-site feng shui consult includes a review of your property to get a look and feel of the space.  I will also take pictures of the home d├ęcor to evaluate the changes to be made according to the energy of your home and the energy of the occupants living in the space. 

Prior to the on-site consult, there are a few things I will need from you to begin your feng shui analysis. Click here to see what information is required to start the process.

If you are unable to provide a floor plan, a floor plan can be created at an additional fee.  This fee will be determined based on the complexity and size of the home.

The feng shui analysis that I provide is based on the Flying Star Method, which includes using a compass to identify the sitting and directions of your home, creating a Flying Star Chart and a Feng Shui report.  The report will identify the best placement of the five elements to balance the energy in your home.

 Feng Shui Consultations (via telephone or video conference):

If an on-site feng shui consult is not an option for you, we can still work together by phone. 

For a phone consultation, I will need you to provide me with some preliminary information about your living space.  A list of information that is needed to begin your analysis can be found here. In providing me with the requested information, please also indicate the best times and days you are available to meet for your initial phone conference.   

In the initial call, I will refer to pictures that you have provided and the layout of your floor plan. 

Phone consults will also include a Flying Star Chart and a feng shui report, which will be e-mailed to you.