Space Clearing

Space Clearing

I am not talking about cleaning away dust and dirt.  I am referring to clearing out the negative energy that your home has built-up over time. 

Your home and its contents are made up of energy and overtime the space in your home will become stagnant and dull.  After a while you will begin to feel depleted and drained in your own house.  A good way to usher more positive energy is by cleansing and purifying your house with sage. 

Cleanse Your Home with Sage

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The best way to purify your house is to burn sage in all the rooms, corners, closets as well as your cabinets.  Do this on a day where you can open up all the windows to allow the smoke from the sage to escape.

Place the sage in a dish that is heat proof. Begin to light the sage in the dish and start at the doorway walking in a clockwise direction.  Please note that the sage only needs to produce a steady stream of smoke and not a flame. As you begin walking throughout your home, verbalize your goals and intentions.  This is a good way to instill good energy in your space.  Walk slowly from one room to the next concentrating on the corners of your home as this is where the stale energy lives. 

After you have cleansed your whole house, place a bowl of salt in each room for 24 hours. The salt will disperse the negative energy. 

After cleansing your space the air will feel very crisp and you will notice a good flow of vibrant energy in your home.