What New Year's Resolution did you make for 2017?

I’m sure that your resolution was to lose weight, eat healthy and stay looking young all year round, right?  Okay, perhaps your New Year’s Resolution didn’t include incorporating a skincare regimen.

Many people don’t have a skincare routine because they do not have the time to squeeze this into their already hectic lifestyle.  The other issues are finding products that actually work, and won’t break the budget. Also, many people want a product that is natural and safe to use on the skin. 

I have a friend that introduced me to a product line that I have been using for two years now. I have to say, I love their products.  Not just because the products are affordable, but they actually do work!!

Have you heard of Nerium International? 


It is a breakthrough anti-aging Company that makes products for the face, body and mind.  In 2017, Nerium will be launching 3 new products.  The first of Nerium’s product launch for 2017 is its Eye-V Moisture Boost. This is a once a week treatment to complement your daily skin care regimen.  It is known as a pick-me-up treatment so you can look refreshed after a late night out on the town.  

So what makes this product ah-mazing?

 Apply these sleek super-charged eye patches onto your fatigued eyes, and in 20 minutes you will have an instant lift to your eyes leaving you looking refreshed.   

Nerium Eye-V Moisture Hydrogel Patches

Nerium Eye-V Moisture Hydrogel Patches

What results will you see after 20 minutes?  It will firm your skin, reduce your puffiness, hydrate your eye area and brighten your skin as well as diminish the appearance of your fine lines. 

Check out my results! 


I have a limited number of samples. Ask me how you can get your eye lift today!