Healthy Run for the Mind and Body

A Healthy Run for the Mind and Body 

I decided on June 4, 2016 that I was going to run in an 8K mud run which is actually 90% sand and 10% mud.  I ran in this same race 3 years ago, and remembered how brutal it was.  I know, what was I thinking?  I am one of those people that once I have made a decision to do something, I am going to succeed at doing it. 

The race was August 6, 2016, which gave me about 6 full weeks to train.  I did most of my training running on the beach (the soft sand).  Running on the beach was the only way I was going to get myself fully ready for this race.  I also made sure the week before my run that I drank a lot of water (at least 72 ounces a day) and ate lots of healthy food packed with potassium (bananas and avocados) to keep my legs and feet from cramping during the run.

I have also been taking my EHT® – a mind enhancement supplement that not only helps protect and repair the tau protein in your brain but it also helps with muscle recovery.   I have been taking this supplement for a year and have noticed a difference in my memory and focus, but after I ran in the mud run I was surprised at how great I felt!  

Denise (left) Jeanne (right) Armed Services YMCA Mud Run 

Denise (left) Jeanne (right) Armed Services YMCA Mud Run 

Did you know that when playing most sports that 90% of doing it is mental and the other 10% is physical?  In other words, I can get my body completely ready to run in a race but if I am not mentally ready to run I am not going to do well.  

The one thing I noticed about myself in this run is that taking the EHT every day helped me build my endurance in the limited amount of time I had to train for this race.  I will not lie, running on the sand was hard, but my legs felt good and strong, my breathing was just right and I had enough energy to give it a good sprint at the end.  Honestly, I was not sore after the run at all.  

EHT is helping me keep my mind healthy as well as helping me in fighting the aging process.

Thanks to EHT, I am able to live a very active lifestyle.